Whatever happened to....?

It's Mother's Day, and I find myself lounging in the backyard with a cool drink and a good book.  With nothing but time ahead of me, I dig in, absorbing the storyline, feeling as if I'm right in the room with them, a fly on the wall,  as the characters reconcile and find their way back to each other after they've been torn apart. I'm rooting for them all the way. I've been with them through the good times, the bad times, and I look forward to what lies ahead for them. But then, I turn the page, and they are gone. The story ends, and I'm left saddened that I'll never know how their lives turned out. Ever been there?  It's the mark of a great book - one that takes hold of you and carries you along until that last word on the page has been read.

Why do we fall in love with some characters, but not others? I guess it's the same reason we have the friends we do. I have to admit, there are some people in life I care a lot about, and others who I don't. So I imagine it's the same way with characters in a book - you find some that appeal to you, and others, well, you know the rest.  I often wonder about some of my favorite book characters and what's become of their lives. Did they stay together? Beat that illness they were battling? Graduate from college and become successful in their career? Marry and have children?

As I get ready to have my first novel published, I wonder if readers will feel the same about the characters I've created. Will they think of them after the story ends?  If I've done my job, then they will. Time will tell.


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