I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For... Alliteration!

Once a week, I have a 40 minute period with the seventh graders. Aside from their daily Language Arts class, this additional weekly class allows us to explore aspects of grammar and writing in more detail. We call it "Language Arts Lab".  This is the class that is mixed with general education and special education students, so I try to keep my lab lessons fun and creative to allow all levels to participate.  A few weeks ago, I decided to tackle the idea of "alliteration", you know, those great tongue-twisters that kids love.

Using the idea of an ice-cream store, the students were given a blank three-scoop cone, a picture of a store-front, and instructions to create an Ice Cream Parlor that focuses on alliteration. The goal was to design a newspaper ad for the store that features some of the store's famous flavors of ice cream, along with a catchy name and slogan.

Immediately, the students began creating ice cream flavors - some delicious, some not-so-delicious - with such catchy names such as Cranberry Cannoli (yum!) and Blazing Blueberry Blast (yum!) and Fish Frenzy (not-so-yum!). The store names were just as fun. Who wouldn't want to grab a cone on Memorial Day at the red, white and blue themed Frozen Frenzy Freedom Factory?

My in-class support partner teacher and I enjoyed watching the ice cream flavors and storefronts come to life. I would recommend this activity to any grade level that wants to grasp the idea of alliteration. Here are some of the finished products that decorated our Middle School hallway after this activity:

alliteration 1 alliteration 2 alliteration 3 alliteration 4


  1. rose says:

    An adorable idea for introduction or reinforcement or a fun assessment!

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