Sharing the Joy of Other Writers

I was honored to be invited to the book release of a newly published author. I loved it.  From the butterflies in his stomach, to the pride on his face as he read a few excerpts from his book, I lived every moment along with him. I mean, let's face it - nothing matches the feeling of that first book being birthed and shared with the world.

Woody Keller wrote a fantastic book about tragic love, jealousy and revenge, and wrapped it in characters who couldn't have been more opposite each other - a soldier who served in Afghanistan and a woman from that part of the world who followed him back to live in this country. The clashing of cultures was intriguing to watch as it unfolded before me on the pages, yet the story was universal.  I was happy to be part of his big night and was equally thrilled to watch someone get a chance to share his creative side with the world through a now-published book.

Woody told the story of how this story idea, along with countless others he's written as a hobby to pass time, was sitting in a box in his home, and was eventually ruined when Superstorm Sandy rolled through the NJ Coast back in 2012. While recovering from that tragedy, he found solace in writing once again (as many of us do) and completed the manuscript that would be published as "Ria, Remnant of the Khan".   I wonder how many of us have boxes or files of ideas sitting around just waiting to be turned into the next published book? I hope we don't wait for the next big tragedy to occur before we do something about them.

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