#COOLKIDSREAD - Making a READ poster

I love those "Read" posters of celebrities holding up or reading a book that you see plastered around bookstores and libraries. I decided to use some local celebrities, namely my 8th graders, to pose for a READ poster which we proudly hang at the entrance of our school library. Each year, I create a new poster.

Why? Well, why not? Younger students love seeing the older students they recognize as siblings or safety members in the photos. The older students look like "celebrities" to them, and turn out to be great role models when it comes to stressing the importance of reading to all students.

How do I do it? I just pose the students reading some books and come up with a catchy theme. This year, we chose #COOLKIDSREAD. I add text using a photo editing tool online, and enlarge the photo to 16x20. Once it arrives printed, I mount it onto a 16x20 mounting or poster board for strength, and hang it.  It's an inexpensive way to remind all students about the importance of reading. How cool is that?


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