Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

I had an opportunity to spend time celebrating Dr. Seuss Day with a class of second graders.  It's amazing how timeless Dr. Seuss books are - and how timely. We read The Lorax, which brings a strong message to light regarding how we all need to take care of our natural resources. The students are always entertained by his rhymes and whimsical drawings, but Dr. Seuss really hit a note with this particular group of second graders. They were not happy at all that the Onceler was cutting down all of the Truffula trees!  But most notably was the sadness expressed for the animals who would suffer because of it.  Empathy. For animals. Wow.

I had to pause when I realized it. They wrote letters to the Onceler stating why he should stop cutting the trees down. Over and over the sentences mentioned how the animals would be affected because  the trees provided food and shelter for them.  It was wonderful to see how the students connected to the characters and understood the importance of taking care of were we live, not just for us humans, but for the animals. A great message by Dr. Seuss!

After reading and writing, we took the time to crate a Lorax to accompany our writing.  A quick, easy project that nicely complemented our Dr. Seuss celebration.



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