Books 1 and 2 (Cranberry Cove Series)


Book 1: Casey of Cranberry Cove (published May 2015)


The town of Cranberry Cove, New Jersey is a beach-lover’s dream, and for fourteen-year-old Casey Whitman, she is living in Paradise. She gets to spend her summers boogie boarding, kayaking and water-skiing all day with her friends Phoebe Pendleton and Nick Alexander, and then scoops ice cream with Phoebe at the local ice cream shop for the tourists at night. Nick is a master sailor, and spends his days teaching sailing at the local Yacht Club. He participates in races there, and usually brings home the first-place trophy for his efforts.  Phoebe’s brother, Jase, is a lifeguard at the beach, and often has a steady line of bikini-clad girls lined up at his stand to try to grab his attention.  Life for this group is free and uncomplicated, until Nick’s friend Zack shows up to spend a few weeks in “the Cove”.  Zack’s big brown eyes, his blond hair and outgoing personality are difficult for Casey to resist.. For Casey, it’s her first crush. For Zack, well, that’s another story. She’s swept up by him, and begins to experience feelings she’s never had before. As Casey tries to grapple with her own love life, Phoebe has set her sights on Nick, although Nick’s not sure the feeling is mutual. Together, Casey and Phoebe embark on a journey of first love, and try to navigate the myriad of ups and downs that ultimately come along with it. Will Casey’s summer of love end with rainbows and fireworks? Or will stormy seas prevail?

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High Flier cover

Book 2: High Flier (published July 2016)

Casey Whitman survives her summer of first love, and starts her freshman year at Pleasant Shores High School, Home of the Sharks.   She's not excited about it, but her mother sure is. "Get involved, Casey. You need to join a club or something!" Her mother's words echo in her ears as she, along with her friend Emma, tries to find a club to join on the first day of school. But when she can't get her locker to cooperate, she meets Neil, the very handsome, and very flirty, captain of the football team. Neil comes to her rescue, and Casey is charmed by his gorgeous looks and ability to show up at just the right time.  It becomes very clear to Casey what her extracurricular activity may be - trying to get Neil to notice her.

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Casey of Cranberry Cove Series by Susan Kotch

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Perfect for young teens through adult, and for everyone who survived their first love.

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