Book Excerpts and other Pictures..

All of the pictures used for the excerpts are real photos of the town of Lavallette NJ, which is really the setting and inspiration for Cranberry Cove NJ.  Thank you to my wonderful friends, neighbors and "Casey" fans who allowed me to use their photos. The sunsets in Lavallette (oops! I mean Cranberry Cove..) are spectacular. People line up along the bay front at dusk with cameras in hand hoping to capture Mother Nature's sunset every day, but sometimes the photos don't do the scene justice. These, however, definitely give you an idea of what our evenings are like. Now you can see why Cranberry Cove is such a magical place to live!

And what can I say about the folks wearing Cranberry Cove Tee Shirts?  Just "wow".   And, love that you were all "caught reading".

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 rack card back review card CASEY2 allan obssuth1

CASEY bikes on fence CASEY boardwalk boards CASEY first night in summer CASEY sea glass Rettberg CASEY sunset Jim McDonald CASEY sunset karin linder Casey2 teresa V sunsetCASEY2 sea glass rettberg   CASEY view of beach    Casey2 draft Sunset
michelle in beach patrol   mrettberg    Faia Girls...  caseyreader1 caseyreader2 caseyreader3      group shot    andrew cove        Kathy Marvin Matsoncrabby tuna T

lava java   krissy cove  reading Casey 1  morgan   Trevin caught reading    iceberg


knee pic   cove reader   cc circa 1955   lava java   cc circa 2015     gigi   reader   bennys  reilly casey   casey in monticello    parlin   denise c awaiting granddaughters birth  Ava Nancy Parlin's granddaughter ice cream  water 2  Casey 2 Karen Lamb  Sue Kelly Sully bella shannon   may in shirt kotch hibernian 2des and me 2

casey coke   Madison Cranberry Cove T Shirt  krissy and patty krissy shirt

  josh cranberry cove briann

sharks 2 jpeg-PleasantShores-2  nuni beach patrol    real mr fitz 1