High Flier Launch!

August 2016 brought the launch of Book 2, "High Flier".  The book follows Casey into her first year at Pleasant Shores High School, Home of the Sharks. Book Release Event was held at Booktowne in Manasquan NJ on August 16, 2016.

Christine Bednar book Katherine Mary reading High Flier high flier  faith  Talia and Fina  cranberry come marina  high flier card 2 book ad carro baby  with sue and abby  with patty  with norma  with Karla  reading  14055170_316064742060717_417369465066871243_n  13932844_316064765394048_6514806068200059956_n  13925395_10154325308709564_1072468865758262067_n  aug 16 2016 launch  IMG_20160816_184132800 IMG_20160816_192010064 IMG_20160816_192357011-2  cool people reading Bella and Rebekah  mike 1 mike 2 mike 3 mike 4 mike 5 mike 6 mike 8 mike 9 mike 10  book shelf at Booktowne